Memorandum of Understanding between Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Aqaba Authority

29 December 2019

Memorandum of Understanding between Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Aqaba Authority

A memorandum of understanding between the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone signed today, Sunday in the headquarter of the Commission, aimed at strengthening cooperation and coordination of the Commission in the areas of investigation, and collection of customs information in a manner that limits customs and tax evasion, consistent with the laws governing and defining the terms of reference of each of them in addition to enhancing cooperation and maximizing coordination that serves the public interest.


The memorandum also provides for the cooperation of the two parties and investing the capabilities and resources available in the field of exchanging information and experiences in a manner that contributes to the promotion of the principles of integrity and combating corruption and their prevention, in addition to adopting participatory training and internal development programs that the two parties hold to develop employee skills.


The memorandum was signed on behalf of the Commission by Chairman of the Commission, Muhannad Hijazi, and on the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Eng. Nayef Al-Bakhit, in the presence of members of the Board of the Commission, the Secretary-General of the Commission Asem Tarawneh, and a number of relevant directorates of the Commission’s departments.



The Chairman of the Commission’s Board described the memo as coming in line with the National Strategy of Integrity and Anti-Corruption in building partnerships between the Commission and other official and private state agencies, including the Aqaba Zone Authority, in order to enhance the principles of public integrity, prevent corruption, and enhance citizens’ confidence in the national institutions, pointing out that the Commission works through a strategic plan to consolidate the cooperation between state institutions, especially that the memorandum will be a gateway to exchanging experiences, especially with regard to customs and financial issues, to reach a society that is free from corruption.



Hejazi indicated that the memorandum also seeks to enhance the existing cooperation between the Commission and the authority, noting that the Commission’s cooperation with the concerned authorities has contributing to recovering approximately 106 million dinars during the past few years.



In turn, Eng. Al-Bakhit emphasized that the Memorandum of Understanding is a point on the long road for continuous cooperation between the Commission and the Authority in the permanent pursuit of combating corruption and drying its sources within a participatory practical framework. He also valued the efforts exerted by the Commission’s employees and their dedication.

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